11. Three Tips for Better Shrub Care


South Florida is fortunate to have beautiful weather which allows many homeowners to grow lush, decorative and ornamental shrubs. These outdoor “accessories” for your house make a statement and should complement your perfect, green lawn.

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For successful shrub growth and maintenance, keep these essentials in mind:


At least once a year, re-cover your landscaping beds with mulch. It will look beautiful and also prevent weeds from growing. Check for disease and insects once a month. If you find a problem, contact a landscaping company that can help with shrub care.


Some inexperienced landscapers put in shrubbery when it’s small, forgetting that these plants and bushes will need space as they grow. Make sure to leave space for future growth when planting. Once shrubs are established at a reasonable height and width, prune them regularly to keep them under control. Avoid pruning during fall on tropical plants that are stressed by colder winter temperatures.


Different plants have very different requirements for the amount of sunlight they need each day. Plan your landscaping beds accordingly, or you will be fighting a losing battle. If you’re not sure how to pick the right plants, please ask for help! We’re happy to suggest appropriate landscaping for your unique environment.

If you can master the essentials of mulch, space and light, you’ll have lovely landscaping in no time!

Remember to protect your landscaping during winter freezes by using a sheet, quilt, or plastic tarp to cover bushes. Don’t let the sheet touch the plant and extend the coverage all the way to the soil. When the freeze is over, remove the tarp. If you have potted plants that aren’t too heavy to lift, move them inside your home before a freeze. This will keep your landscaping investment safe.

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