9. How Long Will It Take to Get Rid of Spiraling Whiteflies?

How LongOne of the questions we often hear is, “How quickly will my spiraling whiteflies be gone?”

Assuming your plants are receiving properly-applied systemic insecticide, it can depend on the size of the plant, the extent of the infestation, and the time of year.

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We notice quicker turnaround times for smaller plants. For example, an average small palm or shrub can be on the road to recovery two weeks after the first treatment. A large palm tree, however, could take much longer. Some may remain infested a month after treatment if the original spiraling whiteflies were well established.

When a systemic insecticide is used in a tree injection, it may last up to one year. After it’s gone, spiraling whiteflies might return to feed on the same plant.

Spring is generally a good time to apply systemic insecticide. If applied other times it may take slightly longer to work.

Remember, if you still see white wax or black mold after a treatment has been applied, it does not mean that your treatment didn’t work! The residue may remain even after the spiraling whiteflies are gone.

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