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The Broadleaf Weed Battle


The Broadleaf weed is a pretty standard sight in lawns and yards throughout the country. They can germinate and grow in virtually in any climate or geographic location. These types of weeds stick out among manicured grass due to wide and flat leaves that draw in the eye among the grass. Broadleaf weeds are aggressive, resistant and very difficult to eliminate. They are a type of weed that include chickweed, dandelions, clovers and dollar weed. While you could experience these weeds in your yard, most Florida homeowners report dollar weed, as it is the most common in the Sunshine State.

Dollar weeds are particularly a problem because they grow fast and expand far, ruining the aesthetics of a well-groomed lawn. They can grow in small areas close together or in random spots throughout an entire yard. Weed infestations can be caused by a number of things including insects, drought, fungus and heavy traffic on your lawn that transports the seeds of the weeds. Overall, the most common cause of broadleaf weeds is overwatering. In Florida, we tend to overwater our yards and lawns as we try to make up for the constant heat and sun. Unfortunately, we only end up doing more damage and causing more weeds to pop up throughout our property by providing them with the moisture they need to thrive.

If you have broadleaf weeds in your lawn or any other type of stubborn weed, you can either treat the entire space or just small areas where a lot of weeds thrive. However, it can be difficult to treat and remove these plants on your own. Properly dealing with these plants requires extensive knowledge of the different weeds; herbicides and lawn care as a whole. Calling in a professional can help rid your lawn of broadleaf weeds once and for all. Adam’s Pest Control, which specializes within the Palm County Florida area, can come in and get the job done quickly and correctly, leaving you with a beautiful lawn free of pesky weeds that double as eyesores and never-ending weekend removal projects.