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Common Broadleaf Weeds That Invade Your Lawn

dollar weed

Broadleaf weeds are common in yards throughout the U.S. Their name gives them away–they have broad, flat, and wide leaves that make them stick out like a sore thumb. Clover and chickweed are some common types you might notice cropping up in your lawn, but the dollar weed is the most common of all in Florida.

The seeds of these weeds are usually found in most soil, but it becomes a problem when an unhealthy lawn allows them to come to the surface and fully germinate. A number of problems can open the door for broadleaf weeds, including drought, insects, disease, fungus, or heavy traffic, but the most common cause is overwatering.

For small areas of broadleaf weeds, it makes more sense to treat individual plants rather than the entire lawn. Remember, too much herbicide can negatively affect your lawn!

When applying herbicide to a broadleaf weed, apply it directly to the long leaves. Make sure that the coverage is thorough, without being so heavy that it drips off.

If you have too many weeds to treat yourself, consider hiring a professional.

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