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Cooler Weather Means Stink Bugs

stink bug on leaf

Now that cooler weather is getting well on its way, a lot of changes are going on in the environment. Unfortunately, this time of year also brings unwanted pests to homes specifically in the southeastern United States – stink bugs.

Most well known for the foul odor they release, stink bugs in warm climates reproduce throughout the entire year. Commonly found in outdoor areas like parks or gardens, they feed on flowers, fruits, leaves and even other insects like caterpillars. Typically 4 to 6mm in length, these bugs typically travel in big, noticeable groups.

Stink bugs are not a threat to humans, but they can do major damage to plants and crops. They feed on crops like corn, beans, pecans, cotton and virtually anything else that could be a source of nutrition. While they primarily live outdoors they can enter homes and be a real nuisance. They don’t do any physical damage to the home or its residents but they release a foul odor when they feel threatened or when they are crushed. In Southern Florida, these pesky bugs often find their way into homes through cracks, open doors, open windows and crawl spaces that are accessible from the outside.

A combination of preventative measures and insecticides can keep them at bay. Keep an eye out for stink bugs in the areas around your home especially in gardens or on window screens. If you spot stink bugs or suspect that they are in your home, contact a professional for an inspection or analysis. The experts at Adam’s Pest Control can help you find and eliminate the stink bugs in your home or yard. Contact us today!