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How To Rodent-Proof Your Boat


4 Expert Tips On How To Keep Mice & Rats Out Of Your Boat

Keeping mice and rats off your boat can be accomplished by following four simple steps:

  1. Never store food on your boat
  2. Install rat guards on mooring lines
  3. Be mindful of other access points
  4. Set traps in strategic locations

While boats can easily attract rodents looking for a safe and quiet place to nest, there are a number of steps you can take to keep mice out of your boat. Keep reading to find out how you can rodent-proof your boat and minimize the risk of a full-on infestation.

  1. Never store food on your boat: Rodents have a pretty powerful sense of smell, and catching a whiff of food from your boat only makes nesting onboard all the more attractive. Make sure to remove all traces of snacks and trash when storing your boat to minimize the odds of your vessel becoming an all-inclusive rat resort. 
  2. Install rat guards on mooring lines: If you store your boat in water, chances are any rodent invaders made their way there via mooring lines. Installing rat guards (available online for $60+) will create a barrier to prevent mice and rats from tightrope-walking their way aboard. 
  3. Be mindful of other access points: Whether you store your boat in the water or out, being mindful of access points is a good first step to keep mice out of boats. Even simple adaptations like keeping ladders stored onboard can make accessing your boat significantly more difficult for rodent invaders.
  4. Set traps in strategic locations: After identifying possible access points, consider setting traps to capture any stow-aways that might make it past your first lines of defense. Setting traps strategically, in places like on top of trailer tires or next to mooring ties, can help keep mice out of your boat.

How To Rid Your Boat Of Mice & Rats For Good

Rats can cause a lot of damage in a small amount of time, making troubleshooting an infestation with DIY solutions a risky decision. If you’re looking to get rid of mice and rats on your boat and want long-term protection, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest control service for help. Luckily, Adam’s Pest Control offers professional rodent services for in-home and on-board infestations!

Our 3-Step Process for a Rat and Mouse-Free Boat:

  1. 2-Week Mouse and Rat Trapping Service - At Adam’s Pest Control, our rodent trapping service lasts 2 weeks to guarantee that mice and rats are out of your boat for good. We use different types of traps, depending on the size of the rodent. Different species of mice or rats will require their own unique traps. By using a variety of traps and offering a thorough, 2-week long mouse and rat trapping service, your boat is sure to be rodent-free for the long run!
  2. Tamper-Resistant Mouse and Rat Prevention - We will install tamper-resistant bait stations on your boat, designed to attract mice and rats and contain them until our exterminators arrive to retrieve the traps. These tamper-resistant traps ensure that mice and rats of all sizes are unable to escape. Our exterminators quickly remove them from your boat, so rodents are not exterminated on-site. 
  3. Entry Point Sealing and Exclusion - Our mouse and rat trapping services are completely kid-friendly and pet-friendly. This includes our exclusion devices and sealing methods! We use EPA-approved products to seal all entry points to ensure that mice and rats are unable to re-enter your boat. Our services also help keep mice and rats out of your boat in the winter!

Rodent Control Service Area

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