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The Importance of a Rodent Inspection Before Winter

mouse in house

Along with cooler temperatures, winter can also bring some unwanted visitors and residents to your home so it is of great importance to have a rodent inspection before winter. Mice and rats actively look for a warm place to live during these cold months, and they could choose your home! Florida, while known for its warm weather, experiences colder temperatures over the winter making your home an attractive new den for rodents.

In addition to chewing through boxes and leaving behind a trail of feces, rodents can cause major damage to your property. For example, since the majority of their time is spent gnawing on objects, they often destroy wood framework, PVC pipes as well as electrical wires. Rodents also can carry fleas, ticks and mites into your home, which can become an infestation all their own. Before winter comes blowing in, you can take preventative measures to keep these small critters out of your house.

The first step is to have a professional rodent inspection of your Florida home. Experts will be able to inspect your home and determine where rodents might be able to enter your home. They are skilled in spotting trees, bushes, wires, and pipes that could double as an entryway for rats and mice this winter. Professionals can spot potential rodents problems but also can determine if there is already an infestation happening on your property.

If you own a home in South Florida it's imperative that you get a rodent inspection before fall comes to an end. Being able to prevent rodents from entering your home can help you prevent major problems like a permanent infestation, structural damage or disease to your home’s residents. Adam’s Pest Control can help protect your home against mice, rats, fleas, ticks and more. Contact us today!