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Mosquitoes Love Florida – But Why?


Anyone who lives in Port St. Lucie or Jupiter Florida or even has just visited the state will surely experience the abundance of mosquitoes. Not only are these insects noisy and pesky but also they all too often bite us and leave us with large bumps that itch for days. Florida has more mosquitoes than a lot of other states, which can leave residents and visitors wondering why. Its not just bad luck that keeps them away from everyone else and much more prevalent in the Sunshine State, it’s just the environment. There are certain types of climates and atmospheres that mosquitoes like – and Florida just happens to have them all.

Mosquitoes Need a Hot and Humid Environment

For the growth, development and survival of the species, mosquitoes need a hot and humid environment, which features high temperature, a plethora of plant life as well as extensive amounts of water. The average daily temperature in South Florida is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Thanks to the constant sunshine, hot days are common throughout the entire year not just summer like in most other northern states. Florida is also home to a variety of state parks, nature preserves and all around areas full of trees, shrubs and plants.

Abundance in Water = Lots of Mosquitoes

Along with the significant amount of sun and plants, Florida has no shortage of water. The state is essentially surrounded by the ocean, which keeps the air humid. The Florida Everglades, located in the southern part of the state, in addition to hundreds of small, natural and man-made ponds and lakes provide a moist environment of stagnant water perfect for feeding and breeding. When all three of these elements come together, they create the perfect place for mosquitoes to live and reproduce.

This, unfortunately, means that Florida residents and visitors are vulnerable to mosquito infestations and bites. Having professional pest control can help keep mosquitoes at bay and away from you, your family and your guests. If you live in the neighborhoods of South Florida and constantly battle with mosquitoes, Adam’s Pest Control can help.

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