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Types Of Flies in Florida

fly on leaf

There are three types of flies to be concerned with in South Florida: House flies, fruit flies, and horse flies.

1. House Flies – These flies get their name from being the most common type of fly found in and around homes.

house fly


2. Fruit Flies – These flies get their name for their small size and fondness of fruit, and are often a nuisance indoors, specifically in kitchens, where fruit is kept.

fruit fly


3. Horse flies – The greatest concentration of these flies is found in Florida due to the ideal weather conditions and reliable precipitation.

horse fly


How to Keep Flies Away:

  • Keeping a sanitary environment will help keep flies away, especially house flies. Make sure garbage is taken out regularly, and lids are used for waste containers.
  • It may also be helpful to use thin screening on porches or patios to keep flies and other pests out.
  • Keeping clean countertops can help prevent a fruit fly infestation. Again, taking out the trash regularly is key in keeping flies away.


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