Effective Flea Control for Jupiter and Port St. Lucie

Flea Control For Homeless CatHave you noticed that your animals are itching and scratching more than usual? Perhaps you have found a few suspicious bites and are concerned that fleas have entered your home. Unfortunately it is all too easy for fleas to travel and breed, potentially creating an unpleasant infestation that is difficult to eliminate. Luckily we can help. As experienced pest control experts working in and around your local area, we are ideally placed to provide a permanent solution to your pest control problems.

Thorough, Dependable Service

We aim to provide every customer with a reliable pest removal service, meticulously identifying areas where fleas are likely to enter the home and then treating those areas, as well as any other vulnerable spots. We pick our treatments with care, opting for environmentally aware products that are kind to the planet yet also effective. Our 15-point home protection plan ensures we give every customer a thorough treatment that stands the maximum chance of successful results.

We Invest in Our Flea Control Staff

Every member of our team is fully checked and certified before being able to come on board with us. Taking part in our in-house training program, we ensure the team members we send out to you are fully trained and experienced, providing a winning combination of both considerate, courteous customer service as well as a reliable solution to your unwanted pest problem. Our company is fully insured to provide you peace of mind.

Dedicated to Keeping the Community in Port St. Lucie and Jupiter Flea-Free

We know how unpleasant it can be to become the target of a flea infestation and will do everything we can to provide the prompt, discreet flea control you are looking for. If you are not sure which pests are bothering you, why not take advantage of our free pest analysis and awesome money-off coupon? To find out more about our services or to book an appointment, give us a call at (772) 878-3002 (Port St. Lucie) or (561) 743-7283 (Jupiter).