Ultimate 15 Point Home Protection Program

We start with an inspection to detect the source of your concern. With the Ultimate 15-Point Home Protection Program, we address your issues as well as protect against future invaders.

Dewebbing House

We Inspect & Detect

1.   House
2.   Soffits
3.   Lights
4.   Inside Screen Porch (when accessible)
5.   Inside Garage (when accessible)
6.   Inspect Potted Plants


Trimming TreeWe Eliminate

7.   Remove Wasp Nests & De-Web
8.   Trim Select Bushes & Trees (12″ from house)


We Treat (as warranted)

9.   Base of House
10. Mulch Areas
11. Nesting SitesResidential Treatment
12. Along Walk Ways
13. Inside of Porches (when accessible)
14. Inside of Garage (when accessible)
15. Base of Trees

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