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What better way to learn exclusive tips and tricks to keep pests out of your home than from the experts themselves? We’ll even update you on the latest things happening in the local area. Check out our articles to stay in the loop on all things pest control and Florida!

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Pest Calendar

Due to the change in season and life cycle of certain pests, there are different types of pests that show up at different times of the year. Check out this helpful Pest Calendar from Adam’s Pest Control to make sure you know what to be on the lookout for this season!Read more
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Holiday Party

In case you missed it! Check out these photos from Adam’s Pest Control Holiday Party. Anne- Marie and Michael cook a Holiday breakfast for Adam’s Pest Control employees and their families.Read more
New Years Resolutions

Pest Control New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Each year, many people use better organization and cleanliness as their New Years resolutions. Not only will these resolutions be beneficial for your home, but it will also decrease your risk of a pest infestation.Read more
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Cold Weather and Pests – Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Although ragweed and dust mites are often blamed for runny noses and itchy eyes as the seasons change, Adam’s Pest Control, a pest management company servicing South Florida, warns that cockroaches and rodents can also pose a health threat to those who suffer from asthma and allergies.Read more