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What better way to learn exclusive tips and tricks to keep pests out of your home than from the experts themselves? We’ll even update you on the latest things happening in the local area. Check out our articles to stay in the loop on all things pest control and Florida!

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11. Three Tips for Better Shrub Care

South Florida is fortunate to have beautiful weather which allows many homeowners to grow lush, decorative and ornamental shrubs. These outdoor “accessories” for your house make a statement and should complement your perfect, green lawn.Read more
brown patch disease

10. Do You Have Brown Spots on Your Lawn?

There’s a fungus lurking, waiting to destroy your lawn. This fungus is known by many names. Its most obvious one is “Brown Patch Disease,” which is a descriptive name. It’s also known as “Large Patch” or by its scientific name, “Rhizoctonia Blight.”Read more
Gray Leaf Spot

9. Gray Leaf Spot on Grass

This is the ninth of 11 Tricks to Make Sure Your Grass Is Always Greener , a free eBook. We’ll be posting a new trick on this blog every other week.Read more