Experts In Fire Ant Control In Jupiter And Port St. Lucie

If you live in the Jupiter, Port St. Lucie or surrounding areas, you know how painful and annoying fire ants can be. At Adam’s Pest Control we are specialists in fire ant control, with the ability to get rid of existing colonies in your yard and prevent new ants from making your place their home.

The Fire Ant Issue

While most ants are more annoying than harmful, this is not the case with fire ants. Many people are allergic to these pests and, while rare, it is possible to have a serious reaction that can be life-threatening. The amount of venom in each bite is small, but these units tend to swarm and bite, so it is not unusual to have multiple bites before it even registers that the ants are present. Additionally, the ants can withdraw their stinger and sting again, something that most biting and stinging insects cannot do.

Children are particularly at risk for anaphylaxis or skin reactions to fire ants. Adults can also have more or less of a reaction at the site of the bite that includes stinging, a feeling of intense pain and burning, itching and some localized swelling.

Getting Rid of Fire Ants

Fire ant control is important if you see any mounds in your yard or experience a bite. There are highly effective, pet and people safe chemicals that we will use to eradicate the ants and kill the queen ant. We can also discuss options for preventing further infestations of your lawn, which is a critical step in fire ant control and other types of pest control.

To schedule an appointment or talk to our pest experts in Jupiter and Port. St. Lucie, give us a call today at 888-966-8654.