Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care And Pest Control In Jupiter And Port St. Lucie

At Adam’s Pest Control, we take the protection of the environment very seriously. Our goal in providing residential lawn care and pest control services in the Jupiter and Port St. Lucie area is to minimize the use of chemicals and maximize natural methods of pest control, fertilization and landscaping. Lawn Care Services

To achieve this goal, we use the Best Management Practices of Protection of Water Resources developed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). This guide provides a format for protecting natural waterways, both salt and fresh, from pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals that can run-off when not applied correctly.

Benefits to Your Lawn

In using these best practices, Adam’s Pest Control technicians will design a customized method of fertilizing and caring for your landscaped area. We can provide the specific nutrients required for a beautiful lawn while still preserving and protecting our wetlands and water sources too.

Additionally, we can also set up irrigation systems to maximize effectiveness and reduce waste through our lawn care services, helping to preserve precious water resources. With our integrated pest control, we use only the chemicals required, relying on the natural life cycle and environmental changes we can make to discourage pests from making a home in your lawn, garden, and landscaped areas.

With proactive landscape care, including the elimination of weeds, your lawn will have everything it needs to stay lush and green. By preventing insects at the same time, your lawn is never stressed, so it will continue to grow and thrive throughout the year.

If you are in the Port St. Lucie or Jupiter areas and would like to request a free lawn care analysis, give us call at 888-966-8654.