Expert Rodent Control In Residential And Commercial Properties

The beautiful year-round climate of the Port St. Lucie and Jupiter areas of Florida are not just ideal for humans, but a great place for rodents to live too. Rats and mice have a continual food supply throughout the year, which means the populations of these vermin thrive in the area. Rodent Control and Prevention

Protection from Rodents

At Adam’s Pest Control we have expertise and experience in dealing with infestations of rats and mice in both residential and commercial properties. These rodents will often gain access through small holes in the exterior of the building and then make themselves at home.

Rodent protection for your property is a proactive step we can offer. This starts with an inspection of your location, including key areas where rodents can find access to the interior of the home or building.

Control of Rodents

It may take some time to notice the signs of rodents in a home or commercial building. A common sign is fecal material, often appearing on floors or counters where food is stored. Other signs include chewed items in pantries and cupboards, scratching or squeaking sounds in the walls, or ceiling and signs of chewing along baseboards or walls.

Once you have signs of mice or rats, we can provide full rodent control. This includes eliminating existing rodents from your property and then using a rodent protection plan to reduce the risk of a continued problem.

It is important to use rodent control and rodent protection in all buildings on the property. These vermin can carry a range of diseases including leptospirosis and salmonellosis as well as the very serious hantavirus. They are also known to carry fleas, which creates another pest problem in a home, garage or commercial building.

To learn more about protecting your property in Jupiter and Port St. Lucie from rodents, give us a call today at 888-966-8654.