Termite Elimination In Jupiter And Port St. Lucie

Regardless of the age of your home or commercial property in Port St. Lucie or Jupiter, it is a target for termites. These insects are a very real concern throughout Florida and surrounding states, because our warm weather throughout the year provides an ideal environment for termites to not just exist but to thrive.

At Adam’s Pest Control, we know termites. We use this knowledge of their habits, life cycle, and specific behaviors to plan an effective termite treatment for your home or commercial property. Subterranean Termite Prevention

New Properties

Ideally, new properties of any type should have a termite prevention program in place. This can include specific landscaping options to make the area less attractive to termites, as well as putting preventative treatments in place to eliminate the chance of termite infestations.

This type of proactive termite prevention is highly cost effective because it eliminates the risk of the considerable damage that termites can cause once they are established within the building.

Florida Termite Threat

Existing Properties

With older homes and commercial properties, it is important to complete a full inspection to determine if termites are present. Adam’s Pest Control can complete an inspection and then inform you of the best termite treatment plan based on our findings.

We use specialized chemicals in our termite control program that prevent existing termites from feeding. Unlike other programs, we do not use harsh chemicals that are problematic for the environment, but instead use a low-impact treatment method that is just as effective without the negative side-effects.

The result is a long-lasting termite control option that eliminates current termite populations when preventing future infestations. Efficient and cost-effective, this is a program every Port St. Lucie and Jupiter property owner should use.

To schedule an inspection of your residential or commercial property or to obtain a free estimate for our termite control program, call our expert staff today at 888-966-8654.

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