Wildlife Removal

Raccoon RemovalFlorida is no stranger to wildlife removal and animal control services. Port St Lucie and Jupiter (as well as all of Florida), are home to many animals that have the ability to scratch, chew, crawl or dig their way into your home, and make it their new home. Not only are these pests a nuisance but they can be a health risk.

This is a 3-step process to ensure these critters do not find their way back.

Step 1 – Find out what animal you have in your home.
Step 2 – Remove the animal safely and ensure they are the only one.
Step 3 – Find out how they got in and seal off the entrance to ensure others do not find their way in as well.

Adam’s experienced team will perform a thorough inspection of your home or building, free of charge, to identify access points and recommend effective solutions.

Attics, soffits, crawl spaces, pretty much anywhere an animal can get into, we can get it out.

Why is Wildlife Control so Necessary in Port St Lucie and Jupiter, FL?

With all the development we have going on in the area at any given time, these animals look for new homes. Unfortunately, they often find your home to be suitable. To get them out, you need a pest control company trained to deal with them in a safe and humane manner. After all, they’re just looking for shelter.

To prevent further intrusion from these animals, we seal off the entrances to your home or building that they like to use most. This is an essential step in keeping them out for good.

What Are Exclusions?

Exclusions are a method of sealing off entrance points that animals and wildlife use to get in. This is the safest, legal way to keep them out of your home. Done correctly, you will be pest free and not lose function of your home or have unsightly changes to your home.

Here are some photos of exclusions we have done:

Wildlife Control Exclusions Animal Control Exclusions Wildlife Removal Exclusions in Jupiter and Port St Lucie

Removal of:
● Rats & Mice
● Raccoons
● Bees
● Armadillos
● Squirrels
● Opossums
● Other Wildlife

Exclusion of:
● Bats
● Birds
● Wildlife
● Bird Control
● Snake Prevention
● Trapping